Deewa Radio Now on TV!

Audience spurs Deewa radio to add TV

“The best way to keep and grow your audience,” explains Deewa Radio Chief Nafees Takar, “is to listen to them and keep up with their needs.” The popular Deewa Radio has done this since its first broadcast in 2006. Now, Takar says, his listeners in northwestern Pakistan have prompted another programming change.

The new Deewa TVDeewa Radio is now Deewa Radio and TV. The Pashto language radio show expanded on January 9th to include a daily television simulcast. “More and more of the show’s fans are moving to television, so we’re going to be there as well,” explains Takar.

“It’s a big jump,” he adds. “It’s an attempt to get more access in the region and also to diversify.”

Takar says the idea of reaching out to the growing number of Pakistanis with satellite TV began a few years ago. Deewa started with “baby steps,” he said, which included putting video clips on the Web.

Deewa’s listeners and viewers are getting a lively mix of news, current events, health, education and entertainment. Its feature segments profile American Muslims who share their concepts of the “American Dream” with the Pakistani audience. They also explain how they educate their kids in the U.S. and observe their religion. For other segments, Pashtun artists, poets and writers share their life stories.

Host Rahman Bunairee“Everyone was excited,” said show anchor Rahman Bunairee. He said right after the first show, two of his friends in the region contacted him through Facebook to say they were watching and listening.

Host Mahwash Jaleel“Audience members can relate better, now that they can see us,” adds co-anchor Mahwash Jaleel.

The one-hour show airs at 10 P.M. Peshawar time, reaching people in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area and several surrounding provinces in the volatile border region. The Deewa Service is planning to expand coverage to include more visual elements, Americana and cultural stories from Pakistan.

Check out to see one of the shows and some of the other programming.

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  1. i like top10.salam to all deewa.

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